Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Extra Credit!

Ionic vs. Covalent

Would you rather be an ionic or covalent bond...?

Cyrus: Covalent because network solids are very strong

Christina: "Ionic because I want to be strong"

Marcy: "Ionic because I don't like to disclude people."

Kellye: "Covalent because I could be a gas and could fly."

Em Sher: "Covalent because sharing is caring."

Cate: Ionic in order to be stronger

Kira:  Ionic because they have stronger bonds with their neighbors.

Madison: Covalent "'cause it starts with a c..."

Abby:  Ionic because it's stronger.

Kelsoe:  Ionic because it is stronger so it is hard to break apart, whether melted or boiled.

Will: Ionic because they are stronger

Emily H:  Ionic because it's harder to break

Puja:  Ionic because it's harder to break

Michelle: Ionic because of its high melting and boiling point


Combine non-metals
Electrons distributed
Achieve noble gas

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